Barbour Farms
Contact: Jim & Kim Barbour
Address: 1250 Barbour Hill Rd Hallstead , PA, 18822
Email Address:
Phone: 607-435-0830
About Us
We are Jim & Kim Barbour, owners of Barbour Farms. We are a family owned and operated farm. We raise the MOST amazing American Aberdeen Beef, Organically fed pigs, and over 5 acres of sustainable and organically grown veggies and fruits. Our goal is to help educate our community about the importance of eating organic and living a healthy lifestyle! We offer Veggie and Meat CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)
Here at Barbour Farms we believe God has gifted us with stewardship of the land, therefore we strive to practice sustainable and organic methods. We raise our American Aberdeen beef on grass with no chemicals. We pasture raise our pigs for optimal health and supplement with certified organic feed. We have over 5 acres of gardens where we raise veggies and fruits with no sprays, chemicals, or toxic products! We are proud to offer what we consider to be the BEST and highest QUALITY of meats, vegetables, and fruits!