Growen Food, LLC
Contact: Tim & Liz Owen
Address: 388 Decker Road Gillett, PA, 16925
Email Address:
Phone: 607-425-4856
About Us
Putting good in, getting good out on our 5th-generation family farm in Ridgebury, Pennsylvania.
Our niche is specialty mushrooms with varieties that include shiitakes, oyster and the great lions mane.

Our mushrooms are grown on logs harvested from our family land or on certified organic sawdust sourced 100-percent from America's hardwoods.

Eventually that substrate composts down to feed our garden beds. It's there where we grow a variety of vegetables. Organically minded and with soil health as our priority, we use no chemical or petroleum fertilizers; certainly no pesticides or herbicides either.

Our belief is that by mimicking nature as closely as possible then we will produce a clean, healthy product for you. Most importantly, it tastes delicious, too