Bespoke Apothecary
Contact: April & Bill
Address: 103 Sullivan Crest Road Elmira, NY, 14901
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Phone: 607-426-0999
About Us
In 2009 our interest began to change into homesteading and becoming more self-reliant. We began keeping poultry and started a small apiary. We started mowing less grass and growing more fruits and veggies. It was at this time we decided to become a legitimate farm, never thinking it would go anywhere too far outside of our circle. Late 2010 a cancer diagnosis changed our lives and perspectives. Choosing a natural and holistic approach to dealing with a disease, we began to change our lifestyles completely. We began to become very mindful of the world around us and how that world affects us, both physically and mentally. We studied and learned transcendental meditation, reiki, cell-level healing, and more. The farm’s focus became more holistic which pushed it in the direction of permaculture and sustainability. Our focus became more holistic as well. We stopped using the harmful things that made us out of balance and fertile ground for disease. We turned to the world literally right outside our door and began to learn how to use plants and plant medicine to heal and thrive.
We took some herbalism courses and began using these natural products and sharing them with friends and family. We never had any idea that something amazing would happen. People ended up loving the products and they actually helped other people. So, we’ve come to a point now where we have the desire and the skills to help people from all over the country. We’ve begun to put our dream of doing this full time in to reality. We have decided to go all in with the Bespoke Apothecary brand. Bespoke means goods made to order. Apothecary means one who prepares medicines. Being that we make small batch custom plant-based medicines and products, we felt this name represents who we are and what we do.