SouthView Station
Contact: Jessica Newman
Address: 706 S Wilbur Avenue Sayre, PA, 18840
Email Address:
Phone: 585-261-5434
About Us
We are the Newmans. Keith, Cindi, and Jessica. We started our family farm in 2014, and together we have turned a neglected piece of land into a thriving, diverse, and healthy farm.
We raise Texel sheep who produce high quality meat and fiber, as well as Dexter cattle for beef.

Since ruminant animals (sheep and cows included) thrive on a diet based on grass we do not feed grains to any of our sheep or cows, but instead we use management intensive grazing to give our animals fresh pasture every 1-2 days. This translates in to great tasting meat for your family that you can feel good about.