Udder Merry Mac Farm
Contact: Ray & Janet MacWhinnie
Address: 806 Reber Rd Ulster, PA, 18850
Email Address:
Phone: 570-596-3657
About Us
Udder Merry Mac farm is located in E. Smithfield Twp, PA. After 30 years of dairy farming our cows were sold in 2006, we then converted our former calf barn into a hydroponic greenhouse in 2008, thus beginning our new venture of growing lettuce and basil. Later we added a high tunnel and expanded into growing more vegetables and berries.
We are a PA Preferred Farm growing our own hydroponic mixed leaf lettuce, basil, and arugula in our greenhouse. Also we have mini cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes grown hydroponically. Outside and in our high tunnel we grow seasonal produce, and raspberries, using beneficials for pest control and no pesticides or herbicides.