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Engelbert Farms, LLC
Address: 182 Sunnyside Road Nichols, NY, 13812
Phone: 607-699-3775
About Us
Engelbert Farms, LLC is a certified organic dairy farm in Nichols, NY. The Engelbert family has been farming in the southern tier of New York since 1848 and in Nichols since 1911. Our sons represent the 5th generation farming in Nichols. We started farming organically in 1981 and became certified in 1984 – the first certified organic dairy farm in the US! We use no chemicals on our land or crops, and no antibiotics or hormones on our animals. Our dairy cows are on a new paddock of grass every day during the grazing season, and also eat haylage and a small amount of grain. In the non-grazing season they are fed organic forages and a small amount of organic grain.
Our beef cows are pastured throughout the grazing season, and in the non-grazing season they receive primarily haylage, hay and a small amount of corn silage (the entire corn plant chopped and fermented). Our pigs are raised outside with plenty of room to root and be pigs!

We raise all of our own organic feed, so we know that all of our animals are eating the highest quality organic feed available. Being certified organic means our feeds are non-GMO as well!

Visit our farm store located in the historic Creamery building, located at 263 W River Rd, Nichols, NY! For more information, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook!