Maple Hollow Products
Contact: Beth & Stephen Ward
Address: 734 McGlen Road Troy, PA, 16947
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Phone: 570-673-3648
About Us
Maple Hollow Products began in my kitchen over 5 years ago when my cousin and I experimented with our first batch of all natural, sensitive skin soap (it was carrot calendula Bastille, now called “Bad Bunny”), and from that day forth I was hooked. My actual love for all things natural, however, began over 35 years ago, when as kids, my sister and I would wander for hours, picking flowers, roots, and herbs to make potpourri, snacks, and healing potions. I even sold my creations at my lemonade stands. Fast forward to today, and I’ve made it my mission to combine my two loves of natural soap-making and herbalism in our family run soap company. I enjoy helping others learn, as I did, about the benefits of wild crafted flowers and herbs, to appreciate their aesthetic beauty, and to feel the difference they can make not just in skincare, but in our lives.
Our botanical products are special in that they are all natural & handmade in Troy, Pennsylvania, with locally sourced ingredients. Our family is busy year round harvesting flowers, roots, bark, and berries. We grow many herbs such as lavender, calendula, sage, marshmallow, Echinacea, and lemon balm in our gardens, but our true passion is wild harvesting plants that have been used as remedies for centuries. Some of our favorites are all-heal, chamomile, plantain, birch, cottonwood, elder flower, goldenrod, violets, yarrow, speedwell, and nettles, just to name a few. We dry them, and then infuse them into the oils that we use in our skincare recipes. We use only these infusions and high quality essential oils to scent & color our products, and never synthetic fragrance oils or dyes. In addition to the ingredients that we harvest ourselves, we are proud to purchase fair trade and locally sourced ingredients from Pennsylvania farmers, apiaries, and mills. Our business is family run and we consider our community to be part of that family.