God's Country Creamery
Contact: Mark & Melanie Bachman, Hannah & Eric Peangatelli
Address: 439 Pushersiding Road Ulysses, PA, 16948
Email Address:
Phone: 814-848-7262
About Us
The name of our Creamery is birthed from a two-fold reason. First of all, we are truly thankful to God to be back in dairy farming. We value working with each other and our cattle, and are dedicated to making delicious, wholesome cheeses. For that reason we feel the Creamery is ultimately God’s blessing on us. Secondly, Wellywn Farm is the family farm located in the northern part of Potter County (Ulysses, PA) at the headwaters of the Genesee, Allegheny, and Susquehanna rivers. The county is lovingly referred to as God’s Country because of its gorgeous rolling hills, peaceful environment, and magnificently clear dark skies. Therefore we named the operation God’s Country Creamery in reference to the beautiful land with which we are entrusted.
Recognizing the health benefits of raw milk products, we choose to make all of our cheeses from raw milk. In addition, we aim to produce the purest product possible and are committed to keeping the milk free from antibiotic residue and artificial hormones. To further ensure the safety of the milk, our family pays close attention to the cleanliness of the animals, the facilities, the equipment, and ultimately the milk. Because healthy and stress-free cows produce the most wholesome milk, we consider cow comfort very important. Our cows are on a grass-based diet because of the added health benefits in the milk and to create the finest tasting cheese.