Our Five Acre Homestead
Contact: Bert & Michele Kline
Address: 275 Ballou Hill Road Berkshire, NY, 13736
Email Address:
Phone: 607-761-4457
About Us
Bert & Michele began raising pastured poultry and goats in Newark Valley, NY with five goats on five acres. In 2017, they moved the farm (and almost 50 goats) to Berkshire and 62 acres. Coming in 2020 – Nellie’s Knoll Creamery – we will be adding Goat dairy food products to their popular line of goat milk skin care products.
We raise all of our animals humanely and pride ourselves in being good stewards of the land. We have a rotational grazing plan that offers our goats the best forage while allowing pastures to rest. During the off season, we feed the best hay available and supplement with local all-natural feed to ensure our animals get the nutrients their life cycle demands. Our animals have access to the nation’s best veterinary care when needed, but our careful monitoring and high quality feeding program ensures rare visits. We produce both milk and meat – all of our product is of the highest quality and antibiotic free.