Sunset Ridge Creamery
Address: 249 Warburton Hill Road New Albany, PA, 18833
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Phone: 570-924-3949
About Us
The passion and drive behind the building of our Creamery and the love for A2 milk here on Sunset Ridge Creamery is for this little guy right here. Marshal is 5 and when he was 7 days old we found out that he was allergic to dairy. When he was 2 we started researching dairy allergies and found out about a genetic test we could do on our cows to find A2 girls and then we found it was Marshal friendly Milk aka Marshal Milk.
Our herd is made up of mostly Jerseys, which means that you will get that beautiful cream rising to the top. Give it a shake and you'll enjoy a rich, wonderful tasting milk. When there is grass, our cows are out grazing on our fields, which we never spray with chemicals. We rotate pastures regularly so that they always have the best to eat. We do give our cows a half pail of grain while they are being milked, but most of their diet comes from grasses and hay.