Painter Family Farm
Contact: Clinton & Maria Painter
Address: 530 Howland Hill Rd Westfield, PA, 16950
Email Address:
Phone: 814-367-5675
About Us
We are a fourth generation dairy and crop farm sitting on a hill in Westfield, Pa. In 2015 our love for animals and good wholesome healthy food for our family naturally progressed to raising certified organic pasture-raised pork with a Quality Assurance Certificate and having organic pasture-raised hens for high quality brown eggs. We as a family believe in living in synergy with our animals and land. The love and care we have for animals translates indisputably to the quality of products that our animals produce. 2019 we have added lamb, goat, chicken, and turkey to our product list.
We start the whole process right from our own fields where we use organic manure to fertilize, then we till, plant, and harvest our organic grains that we take to our own on the farm grain mill to grind and mix our organic feed ourselves with individual recipe cards for our hogs, laying hens, and other animals. So they are truly getting the freshest most purest ingredients. Our hogs also are fed the organic catch milk from our dairy herd twice daily. With the freedom to forage in fresh air, sunshine, and pasture it acclimates the standards for the tenderness and marbleization in our organic pork; Our naturally raised lamb and goat, and our organic chicken and turkey. As well as the nutrition and tastiness in our beautiful organic brown eggs. We package our eggs here on our farm and we take our pork, lamb, and goat to a local family owned USDA butcher.