Anarchy Waffles, LLC
Address: 1280 S. Main Street Mansfield, PA, 16933
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Phone: 570-418-0136
About Us
Anarchy Waffles is a company that breaks all of the rules about gluten-free cooking and what polite society suggests waffle makers should be used for! Our recipes surpass "regular" mixes both in creativity and deliciousness, and we now offer 10 signature flavors that will leave your friends and family feeling both included and impressed. Owned and operated by Vince Nance and Chandra Israel, we a young company that is constantly learning and adapting to better meet the needs of our amazing customers <3

Our waffle mixes are packaged in a certified gluten-free facility in Mansfield, PA where they are vacuum sealed for freshness. These rebellious mixes are a combination of top quality organic and non-GMO ingredients that are always sourced as ethically and locally as possible.