Contact: Shannon & Dan Finn
Address: 157 Danforth Road Jefferson, NY, 12093
Email Address:
Phone: 607-652-2814
About Us
our cows are our family
and family is at the heart of everything we do
on our over 200 year old Danforth Jersey Farm
that's been in our family for 7 generations
of course all our cows have names
we milk a small herd of 40 Jerseys
and they are the stars in our milky way
they graze 70 acres of our Catskills pastures
and we turn their milk into our Cowbella products
at our farmstead creamery
we believe in full-circle farming
and that milk is magic
the life we give our cows of
open pasture, sunshine, and fresh air
makes all the difference in our products
we shelter our herd in our warm tie stall barn in inclement weather
and we make feed for them when the pasture cannot
of dry or fermented hay that we harvest from our own fields
and ensure all their needs are met with supplemental grain