Catlin Hollow Mushroom Company
Contact: Staci Sexauer
Address: 551 Austin Rd Wellsboro, PA, 16901
Email Address:
Phone: 570-948-1243
About Us
When I was introduced to gourmet mushrooms, and realized I could farm them for my community, I jumped on the opportunity. From childhood, I've always loved mushrooms. I loved finding them in the yard and the woods and making up fanciful stories about them. I loved finding black puff-balls in the late summer and stomping them till the last little bit of puff was left. In college, I learned about the powerful role mushrooms play in creating healthy ecosystems, and my fascination grew to a life-long appreciation. Catlin Hollow Mushroom Company was founded in the Spring of 2018, and, just like mushrooms, we're growing fast. Also, like mushrooms, we believe connected communities are strong communities, which is why we proudly support Tioga County 4-H and can be found at Wellsboro First Fridays for 2018. For Gourmet Mushroom Recipe ideas, check out my Pinterest page:
We grow gourmet mushrooms year round on hardwood sawdust in well lit, climate controlled grow rooms. Our mushrooms are grown without chemical pesticides and herbicides. Species grown will vary seasonally, but Oysters and Lions Mane are constants on our shelves. You may also see Chestnuts, Shiitake, Pioppino, and King Trumpets