Singing Tree Natural Food
Contact: Carolyn Smith
Address: 1150 Ashley Hill Rd Mansfield, PA, 16933
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Phone: 570-418-3706
About Us
I'm Carolyn (Singing Tree) and I am passionate about locally grown food and local food culture. I love food full of flavor, intentionally and consciously prepared, with the highest quality local and organic ingredients. Comfort food. Nourishing food. Slow Food. Slow food takes Time, and I know that you don't always have it.

Singing Tree Natural Food Makes Slow Food Fast

We make flavorful, clean, prepared food in the commercial kitchen at Windstone Landing Farm and we sell exclusively on Delivered Fresh. From the Delivered Fresh hub we have access to the best and freshest local products that we lovingly prepare in small batches. We love seasonal eating and cooking, but we also make customer favorites year round.
Our local seasons provides the ideal foods for your body’s natural needs. We believe that when you shop locally you are more connected to the food you eat; knowing who produced it, what farm it came from, and exactly how it got from the farm to your table.
Nothing makes me happier than being a part of this circle. From farm to fork.
<3 Singing Tree
~Singing Tree Natural Food
🌱Breakfast, Lunch, and, Dinner.
🌱Seasonal Selections
🌱Vegan and GF Selections
🌱Farmer's Market Fresh ingredients
🌱From Scratch Recipes
💚Made With Love

Our Practices
🌾We use high quality, ethically, and, sustainably produced ingredients.
🌾Meat and Dairy products are locally sourced.
🌾We use fresh local and organic produce.
🌾Meals and Soups come frozen.
🌾Containers are BPA Free and microwave, dishwasher, and, freezer safe.

Clean Eating
Slow Food
Homemade and From Scratch 🥣
Local and Organic ingredients
Farm to table
Seasonal Eating
Ethical Consumption 💙

Slow Food Fast 🍎