Norway Ridge Angus
Contact: Paul & Stacy
Address: 271 Terrytown Mountain Rd Wyalusing, PA, 18853
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Phone: 570-721-1499
About Us
Norway Ridge Angus is a veteran owned and operated farm by Paul and Stacy Fusco of Wyalusing, PA. Our farm is located in Terry Township, Bradford County, the heart of the Endless Mountains Region. Our farm was born out of our desire to provide for ourselves an alternative to the industrial model of food production that is the standard in today's world. We knew there was a better way for both the animals welfare as well as for our own health. Our main focus is harvesting good health here on our farm. To do this we focus on being grass farmers first, feeding and improving our soil health. By improving the soil health it not only makes for better pastures for our herd, but it also produces food much higher in nutrient density. We make use of our 84 acres of rolling pasture and woodland to do this. We have raised cattle and pigs for over 25 years in some capacity. In the past 8 years we have focused on the Black Angus breed and the last few years heritage breed pigs. We typically have approximately 45 head of Black Angus. Each year we finish a number of Naturally raised Black Angus Cattle for sale as freezer beef as well as Forest Raised heritage breed pigs. We also grow our own fruits and vegetables here on our farm. Because we care about not only what we put into our bodies but also what we use on our bodies we have been making body butters and lotion bars using whole and natural ingredients with no additives/chemicals.
During the growing season the cows are moved every 24-48 hours to a new pasture (rotational grazing) and are given free choice of minerals which includes dried sea kelp, trace mineral salt from Redmond minerals, vitamin E, shell flour, and diatomaceous earth (which acts as a natural wormer), to name a few. Our Naturally raised beef is either grass-finished or grain-finished using locally sourced grain. Our beef is dry aged which results in meat that is more flavorful and more tender. Our pigs are rotated through a silvopasture grazing system where they have access to a variety of forage and tree mast which also includes pasture. This enhances the nutrient density of their diet which in turn makes it more nutrient dense for us. Being in this setting also makes for a cooler more comfortable environment for them especially in the heat of the summer. When September comes our pigs are moved to a wooded ridgeline where they finish on a diet largely composed of acorns and hickory nuts. It is our belief that healthy animals grow healthy people. We believe that by taking good care of our animals whether it is moving them calmly to a new field to graze or by taking the time to pamper them with a good brushing that we are harvesting good health. We do NOT use antibiotics or hormonal implants in any of our meat production. We use organic fertilizer on the fruits and vegetables we grow here on our farm and zero synthetics. Our Phat Cow body butters and lotion bars are made from all natural ingredients which include grass-fed tallow, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oil for the lotion bars and grass-fed tallow, organic olive oil, and essential oils for the body butters. Here's to Harvesting Good Health!